How to create NFT on Opensea?

Introduction to opensea

   To begin with, it is best to explain what NFT a type of cryptographic tokens, each instance of which is unique (specific) and cannot be exchanged or replaced by another similar token. By buying an NFT token, you are buying a kind of barcode, almost a certificate of authenticity, which serves as proof that a certain version of something at your disposal is unique. You can apply tokenization (for now): to paintings, GIF, songs, texts, game items and characters etc.

   There are two most popular platforms for the purchase and sale of NFT: OpenSea and Rarible. At the moment both platforms are in demand but of course OpenSea is more hyped and common. Let’s talk about first one this time. A trading platform for non-interchangeable tokens was founded on December 20, 2017 by Devin Feather and Alex Atallah in New York. This is how the start page looks like:

opensea main page
opensea main page

Create NFT

   To create an NFT token, go to the “Create” section. Before connecting, you need to confirm the network signature in the wallet. After confirmation, a form for adding a token will open. Select the file and add it to the appropriate section, then enter the name.

create nft item
create new item

Next, add a description and a link to the file. Select the blockchain on which the token will be created. Click “Create” – the token has been created. The NFT page opens with a description. To put it up for sale, click “Sell”. Select the pricing format and configure the token: you can add a minimum purchase price, a deferred sale, or enable private mode (in this case, the token will not be published on the marketplace). Click “Post your listing”.

List item for sale
List item for sale

We confirm the withdrawal of gas from the wallet and the addition of a new token. The standard OpenSea commission is 2.5% of the cost of the NFT has been added to the marketplace listing.

   Customers often ask which blockchain is better to use on OpenSea. Now this platform offers cross-blockchain support such as the Ethereum, Polygon, Klatyn and Solana. In the future, the developers promise to add more blockchain networks to the protocol to maintain the competitiveness of the platform. Ethereum as the original blockchain for NFT, it remains the most widely used blockchain for NFT minting, undoubtedly due to how simple and convenient it is to use. For those who don’t know, minting which is also often called minting is the process of creating a non–interchangeable token with its “registration” in the blockchain. After that, information about the non-interchangeable token and its author will be included in the blockchain.


   There is also such a thing as a collection on OpenSea. The complete NFT collector’s collection is valued significantly higher than individually sold items. Often licensed NFT collections are launched by brands or sports clubs, and the objects in the set have different degrees of rarity. Those that are more common are valued higher in monetary terms.

bored ape

   To sum up, there is a future behind the world of NFT and you can become a part of it. Buy the way you can earn a decent amount there and there, using our opensea likes and rarible followers services. ?

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